Alphabetical key to terms

As a customer at Verdo you can meet Danish words and terms in different contexts, about which you would like to know more. Therefore we made a wordlist in alphabetical order with explanations, which should make it easier for you to understand.

You will pay subscription to the different companies under Verdo. The subscription you pay to Verdo El-net A/S, covers the normal expenses for your electricity usage – this is for example maintenance of our wire network, masts, meters and meter equipment. Subscription costs with regards to Verdo Forsyningspligt A/S (Supply Duty) – Vand A/S (water) and Varme A/S (district heating) cover the administration of these supply forms.
Aconto is a splitting of your yearly electricity-usage. Most of our customers receive four aconto bills per year. Your first aconto bill is included in your year-invoice. 
Fees to the Danish Government
Fees to the Danish government in connection with electricity are charged by Verdo El-net A/S. Fees to the government are electricity-taxes (el-afgift), electricity saving contribution (elsparebidrag) and electricity distribution fee (el-distributionsafgift). 
Cooling down
Cooling down is the difference between the temperatures of district heating water that enters your installation and the temperature when it leaves your installation.
Cooling down fee
You will be charged a fee when your cooling down temperature isn’t high enough. This means you do not use your district heating sufficiently enough. A 1-round-pipe-heating-system should have a minimum cooling down temperature at 25º C – other systems should have a minimum cooling down temperature at 30º C. The fee, which is based on how much is used, takes 1% of the variable price (= Verdo price + VAT) per C degree lacking cooling down.

Payment period 
Payment period are the 12 months between two meter readings, normally you will have to read your meter between December 20th and January 5th. During the payment period you will receive four aconto bills and a year-invoice. As basis for the aconto bills as the year-invoice are the meter readings, Verdo will ask you for a meter reading in December. On your invoice you can see the payment period in the last grey line, that starts with ”Opgørelse” 
Usage number
This number is a unique number for your electricity installation. It is significant for the place where your meter is located and where the electricity enters your house / company. This number remains the same, even though a meter is replaced.
Area payment 
Area payment is a fee, which you pay for the number of m2 your house has according to the BBR-register. Area payment is calculated after m2 of house + used attic + 25% of basement area. Garages in basements are also calculated in the basement area. Outer rooms are not included. You pay a fourth of the total fee liable area on each aconto.
Amount to be paid
This is the amount you will get paid by Verdo via check or via Nets or "Nemkonto".
Payment date
Payment date is the date you have to pay your bill at the latest, to avoid being reminded and to avoid being charged with a reminder fee.
CO2 fee
CO2 is an environmental fee, which Verdo must collect for the Danish Government. CO2 fees are charged for charcoal and oil. 

Customer number

Your customer number is your identification at Verdo. When you contact Verdo, you will make our job easier if you have this number at hand. You need to use this number when you log on to our ”online service” at our website. 

EAN number
EAN number is a location number, which is used when bills are electronically sent to a customer. 

Electricity fee
El-fee is a fee for the electricity you use. This fee is collected for the Danish Government.
Electricity distribution fee
Electricity distribution fee is a fee that Verdo collects for the Danish Government. 

Energi saving rate
Legal determined rate to our Energy saving-centre. This rate has formerly been part of transport payment. 

Invoice number
Invoice number is the number on the actual invoice. 

Invoice date
Invoice date is the date on which Verdo has made the actual invoice. It can take up to 10 days, from the day Verdo made the invoice till you receive it. 

Billed aconto
At an invoice, billed aconto shows how much we have billed to you at the aconto invoices we have sent since the last year-invoice. If you have lived less than 12 months on an address, it will show how much we have billed since the date you moved in. 

Set price electricity
Set price electricity is your consumption of electricity, either in kWh or in mWh. You buy set price electricity from Verdo Forsyningspligt A/S. For this product is the price fixed per kWh / mWh for a given period of time. 
Move invoice
If you – with a minimum of three days notice – report your move to Verdo, you will within 2 – 4 weeks after your moving day receive a move-invoice for the address you moved from. 

Moving fee
Moving fee is a fee, which Verdo bills at your final invoice for your move. This fee covers the administrative costs which are connected to a move. 

Paid too much 
Paid too much means that you have paid too much compared to your actual usage. The amount Verdo owes you will be paid back the same way it was paid to us. If you pay via Betalingsservice, you will receive the payment via Betalingsservice. If you paid via giro or cash, you will receive a check. Do we have your cpr number or cvr the money is paid out via Nemkonto If you owe Verdo money – for example at another address or something else – will the amount be cross-accounted here.
Usage development
Usage development is a graphic overview of your usage over the last three billings-periods for electricity, water and district heating. You need to keep in mind that the numbers are calculated numbers. This means that the numbers are an evaluation of your usage in precisely 12 months. The usage at your year invoice is the difference between your last two meter readings and there are not necessarily twelve months between them. 

Due date
Due date is the latest date you can pay your invoice to avoid a reminder-fee. 

Amount to pay
Amount to pay is the total amount which you have to pay to Verdo on the actual invoice. 
Installation address
Installation address is the physical address where Verdo delivers electricity, water and / or district heating.
Installation number
Installation number is a number which covers your whole installation. Your installation can contain several electricity-, water- and / or district heating-meters. 

Contract number 
At Verdo the contract number covers over the agreement (welcome letter) we have with you to deliver electricity, water and/or district heating. A customer can have multiple contracts.
Sewer (or water disposal)
Water disposal is your contribution to pay for water disposal. You must pay a water disposal fee for the m3 of water you use. Verdo charges water disposal fee for Randers Spildevand A/S. 
Charcoal fee
Charcoal fee is a fee, which Verdo collects for the Danish Government. 

Quarterly electricity
Quarterly electricity is your electricity usage in kWh or in mWh. Quarterly electricity which you buy from Verdo Forsyningspligt A/S is price regulated each quarter. This item on the invoice is liberated, which means that you can buy your electricity where you like. 
Green quarterly electricity
This green energy, which Verdo sells, is preferably produced from biomass at our Kraftvarmeværk in Randers. Green energy has origin guarantees from a VE-system (renewable energy) less than 2 years old. 

Meter number
Meter number is the number on your electricity-, water- or district heating meter. This number is appointed to an installation by Verdo.
Oil fee
Oil fee is one of the fees which Verdo collects for the Danish Government. 

The invoice shows how much you have consumed a product in a given period. If you used more than you paid in aconto, the difference will be invoiced on this invoice. If you used less, you will get the difference reimbursed. On the invoice you can see the date when you last read your meter and your last meter reading, together with the new date of meter-reading and the meter reading it self. This way you can see the result of your readings. 
Billed aconto for period
Billed aconto for period is the sum of the aconto amounts you were invoiced for and the given period it concerns.
Password is your personal code-word which you will have to type together with your customer-number to gain access to your invoices on 
PSO (public service obligations)
PSO covers, among other things, costs to research and diagnostic evaluation concerning environmentally friendly electricity production, the conversion of surplus of windmill energy, fuel stockpiles, the operation of the Electricity council, together with other costs for Energitilsynet. We are talking about tasks which all electricity users should pay for. 

Randers Spildevand
Randers Spildevand A/S has outsourced the collection of water disposal fee to Verdo. Verdo has therefore no influence on the price setting for this fee. 
Reduction of el fee
If you warm you house with electricity radiators and your house is registered in BBR as a electricity heated all-year house, you can get a reduction on the electricity fee on the part that exceeds 4000 kWh. 

Residual use (electricity)
All customers with an annual consumption that exceeds a certain kWh are remotely-read. In Randers/Hobro a customer will be remote read when he uses more then 100.000 kWh per year. In Hillerød a customer will be remote read when he uses more then 50.000 kWh per year. Remotely reading means that a meter will be read every hour and sent to the electricity company once a day. All other customers are instead included in a common usage profile (also called template) which calculates hour after hour the net areas residual usage. 

Residual usage is the total amount of electricity usage of all customers in a net-area (Randers/Hobro or Hillerød net-area), minus the usage which was remotely-read, which is measured per hour and minus loss in distribution-net. 

Reminder fee
Rykkergebyr is the fee you will get billed if you pay after the given payment date. 
Invoice inventory
Saldoopgørelse is an overview of Verdo’s invoices and received payments.
Service inventory
Serviceopgørelse is often printed when you paid too much – for example when you paid the same invoice twice. 
SO2 fee 
SO2 fee is a fee Verdo collects for the Danish Government. This fee covers the expenses for cleaning smoke from sulphur connections. 
Specification of VAT and fees
At our invoices you will find a specification of VAT and fees. Here we specify VAT and all fees to the Danish Government, which you are asked to pay on both your aconto and year-invoice. VAT and fees are divided on the different deliverables, electricity, district heating, water and water discharge fee.
System tariff
System tariff covers Eltra’s expenses for securing the deliverance of electricity (system operation and reserve capacity) and markets function in the Jysk – Fynsk deliverance area.
Supplementary charge 
The supplementary charge on electricity is a part of the government's tax programm, were taxes and charges are designed, so that taxes on labour are reduced while taxes on the usage of resources and energi will increase.
Signup to payment service
You will make live easier for yourself and for Verdo, if you use a payment service to pay you invoices. You need to use the following information; PBS-no., and contract number to be able to signup. You can signup at our webpage via "Selvbetjening" under tab ”Kundeservice”.
Transportation payment
Transportbetaling is a part of the electricity prices, which cover the transportation of electricity through the different levels of the wire net. In addition you will pay for a list of fees, for which Verdo lawfully and politically is obliged to charge you, for example free energy advice to all.
Water disposal (or sewer)
Water disposal is your contribution to payment to water disposal. You will have to pay water disposal fees for the m3 of water you use. Verdo charges water disposal for Randers Spildevand A/S. 
Water usage
Water usage is the payment for how much water you use. 
District heating usage
District heating usage is the payment for how much district heating you use. 

Verdo El-forsyning A/S
Since January 1, 2005 you have been able freely choose your electricity supplier. If you don’t active choose a company, you will get automatically electricity from the local electricity company, which has a so-called delivery compliance appropriation. This means that this company is obliged to deliver electricity to customers in company’s area, which do not intend to switch supplier. In deliverance area Randers and Hobro is this company called Verdo Randers El-forsyning A/S and in Hillerød is it Verdo Hillerød El-forsyning A/S. 

Verdo Energy A/S
Verdo Energy A/S supports mother company Verdo A/S in the areas of commerce, settlement and development of our existing business base, which are coal, oil, coke, chalk, bio-energy together with other related products. Verdo Energy A/S sells for example briquettes, heating oil, etc for both companies and private persons. 

Verdo Entreprise A/S
Verdo Entreprise A/S performs tasks in the area of installation, operation, maintenance and advice on technical installations and buildings, which together stands for sales of related products and benefits. Washers /dryers plus similar products and alarm systems are some of the products Verdo Entreprise A/S sells. 

Verdo Hillerød El-net A/S 
Verdo Randers El-net A/S
Verdo El-net A/S has the responsibility to expand and maintain the electricity net in its deliverance area, so that households and businesses can be sure of getting electricity via their sockets. Electricity delivery is a competence which is not under pressure by competitors, but in return is subjected to stringent public regulations. All Danish electricity companies are constantly evaluated for their efficiency (benchmarking). 

Verdo Holding A/S
Verdo Holding A/S is the mother company in the Verdo concern. Customer service and accounting functions in connection with electricity, water and district heating are placed under Verdo Holding A/S. 

Verdo Vand A/S
Verdo Vand A/S is a daughter company under Verdo Holding A/S, which runs through the self-owned institution Verdo. Verdo delivers water to approximately 46.000 customers in Randers Kommune. 

Verdo Varme A/S
Verdo Varme A/S supplies district heating to more then 11.500 households.

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